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Our Alliance campaigns, online and offline, to increase support for choice and dignity for all in Europe. We seek to help inform, educate and support those policy-makers, European officials, journalists and civil society in Europe who are interested in doing the same.


Through our activities, we aim to strengthen a European legal and political landscape, which secures and expands secularism, sexual and reproductive health and rights; specifically those of women and LGBTI people. Accordingly, we meet regularly with elected Members of the European Parliament, elected members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and European civil servants to discuss our issues.


We organise public and private events for European representatives, policy-makers, journalists, and civil society to raise awareness about current trends and debates on our issues of concern, and seek to do so in as an informative and impartial manner as possible.


We research, prepare and share briefings and resources in order to help foster a better understanding of the ways in which some organisations and politicians are working to oppose and undermine choice and dignity for all in Europe.